X Marks the Spot by Kat Otis

~1000 Words

I nudged the corpse with the toe of my boot. “Looks like he froze to death, poor sod.”

“That’s what you get, wandering these mountains unprepared.” Ranulf snagged the corpse’s rucksack and began rifling through it.

Shivering, I tucked my hands into my armpits. Spring was well underway, but the mountain heights were still freezing. The sooner we descended to the valley to sell our furs, the happier I’d be. “Anything good?”

Ranulf pulled out an old piece of parchment. “Just this.” He unfolded it on the ground to reveal a map. “Seems pretty accurate. Might be worth something.”

I bent closer to get a better look. “What’s that symbol?”

“Looks almost like an X.”

“As in X marks the spot?” I laughed. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a gen-u-ine treasure map!”

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