Terms & Conditions

By reading or submitting to Indian SF you agree to all these terms:


All stories are copyrighted by the authors.

Do not copy or distribute any story without express prior written permission from the author.

If you wish to quote the story, please credit the author, with a link to this website if possible.

All artwork is copyrighted by the artists, all rights reserved. Do not copy or distribute,, modify any image or a part of it without express prior written permission from the artist.


This is a free to read online website.

The authors guarantee that the work submitted by them to Indian SF is their own and that no one has reserved the rights granted in this agreement.

Please report any copyright or rights violation to us at this email address IndianSF AT ContactArt.in. We will take appropriate action about such incident. IndianSF shall not the liable for any damages for any such copyright or rights violation.

This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction shall be in Mumbai.

In no event shall Indian SF be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind in connection with this agreement.

These terms might be changed in the future.


Indian SF will pay INR 750/- per original short story, original flash fiction and to the featured digital artist.

We will not be able to pay for non-fiction and for re-published stories as of now.

The payment is for the purchase of following rights: Authors fiction and art can be published by Indian SF in various online formats (Email, RSS, web pages, blog posts, pdf and/or other eBook formats) and/or also in form of a book and/or magazine.

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