<<DEC 2013 UPDATE: Indian SF is on a brief hiatus. We hope to accept submissions again soon.>>



Although we like literary stories, we are looking for stories that have a speculative element. It can be slight, but must be present.

Stories that have a good plot, rising action, climax, and resolution, will have a better chance of getting our attention.

We accept reprints, which means if your story is published elsewhere we can consider it for publication on Indian SF.

We accept simultaneous submissions. This means that if you have submitted the story elsewhere we can still consider it for publication on Indian SF.

We accept multiple submissions.


Flash Fiction: 500 to 1000 words

Short Stories: 1000 to 5000 words

Non-Fiction: We are looking for interviews with SF writers, news items of new SF book / SF movie releases especially if the book / movie is being in released India, and articles and essays about speculative fiction. Each piece must be under 10,000 words

Art: We would like to show a couple of images in each issue that evoke a feeling of sense of wonder, space opera grandeur, far future landscapes that evoke longing etc. The theme should be science fiction and fantasy.

Indian SF will pay INR 750/- per  short story and flash fiction that has previously not been published anywhere else. We will not be able to pay for non-fiction and for re-prints. The payment is for the purchase of following rights: Your fiction and art can be published by Indian SF in various online formats (Email, RSS, web pages, blog posts, pdf and/or other eBook formats) and/or also in form of a book and/or magazine.

All submissions are to be done via this form here. We use the services of which allows you to see the status and progress of your submissions. You will have to create an account with them. Its free.

We will only need the title, story and a short bio from you – all in plain text format.

We will respond to all submissions, but please wait for a month before you send us a query about your submission.



All stories are copyrighted by the authors.

Do not copy or distribute any story without express prior written permission from the author.

If you wish to quote the story, please credit the author, with a link to this website if possible.

All artwork is copyrighted by the artists, all rights reserved. Do not copy or distribute,, modify any image or a part of it without express prior written permission from the artist.

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    • Hello Talia, Ah no. Though strangely a lot of people I know like and read YA. The boundaries are either blurring or my market is a little different. It depends on the story, so do send.

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