Hello world!

One summer, about 20 years ago, a friend’s uncle brought a book to India from the US. Two stories from that book, Bradbury’s ‘Sound of Thunder’ and Heinlein’s ‘_ And He Built A Crooked House’ made such an impression on me that I still have a vivid memory of the light steaming through my window as I read them.

Then years later, but before Wikipedia became my source of information, I began keeping a record of Hugo and Nebula winners in a document. I carefully color coded the winning books I owned, the books I had read and the books I had yet to read.

My love for Speculative Fiction (SF) has given birth to http://IndianSF.wordpress.com.

SF usually means science fiction and fantasy but it also encompasses various genres like: aliens, bio-tech, far-future, alternate history, parallel universe, space travel, robots and AI, nano bots time travel, clones, dystopia, utopia, steam punk, mythology, magic, magic realism, slip stream, monsters, dragons and beasts, fairy tales, parapsychology, dreams and other worlds and a whole lot more.

With IndianSF I hope to bring focus to the writers of this genre by encouraging them to publish their SF short stories with this magazine.
This magazine welcomes readers and writers from across the borders, but hopes to especially encourage Indian writers / writers of Indian origin and feature news, interviews and reviews about SF books that are being released in India.

This is a free to read magazine, for now.

I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions. You can get in touch with me on IndianSF@ContactART.in
– Geetanjali Dighe

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